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The research activities of the Viticulture laboratories of IOSV at Athens and Heraklion, in collaboration with the laboratories of Virology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Genetic Improvement and Subtropical Trees, focus on:

(a) the collection, propagation and preservation of certified genetic material (SSR molecular markers analysis and diagnosis of grapevine viruses), with an emphasis on indigenous, endangered cultivars,

(b) the assessment of the impact of climate change on grapevine cultivation and the development of strategies for rational water management, balanced fertilization and effective pest control.

(c) the adaptation of different scions/rootstocks combinations to various environments and the evaluation of the wine potential of grapevine cultivars and

(d) the development of reliable protocols for micropropagation of grapevine. Currently, the Viticulture laboratories of IOSV are participating in 7 research projects, that involve the first stages of clonal selection (vineyards survey, genetic identification and phytosanitary certification of propagating material, conservation of the candidate clones in nethouses)

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