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The vegetable-associateresearch performed in IOSV, mainly focus on:


A) The study of physiology, nutrition, abiotic stresses of fruits and vegetables. In order to optimize cultivation conditions for higher productivity.

B) The plant-pathogen interactions and the induction of plant defense and their potential applications in order to identify and utilize plant mechanisms for higher resistance to enemies and diseases.

C) Post-harvest physiology of fruits and vegetables. To optimize storage conditions and better access to fresh products to the markets.

D) Development of nutrient absorption models to optimize the use of water and fertilizers in hydroponics.

E) Evaluation and application of environmentally friendly materials as substrates for hydroponic cultivation of vegetables.

F) Study of the nutritional requirements and greenhouse conditions of vegetables in hydroponics.


Within all six of the above research topics, a wide range of analyzes are performed to assess the physicochemical composition and quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Future planning for the immediate future includes the possibility of evaluating genotypes in stressors related to climate change (drought, salinity). Emphasis will be given to the utilization of "traditional varieties" of vegetables to take advantage of their high adaptability to local soil and climatic conditions.

The Laboratory of Vegetable crops in Heraklion is directed by Dr. Georgios Tsaniklidis.Research on the physiology of vegetable crops is conducted along with Dr. K. Tzerakis who directs the Laboratory of Hydroponics at Chania and have a particular interest in soilless crops and vegetable production. Research on plant-pathogen interactions is carried out along with Dr. E. Markakis who is among others a dedicated vegetable mycologist, Dr. Polyxeni Pappi who studies vegetable-associated viruses, Dr. E. Tzortzakakis who specializes in phytoparasitic nematodes and Dr. K. Varikou who studies the effects of herbivorous insects.


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