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The Department of Olive and Horticultural Crops in Kalamata, which belongs to the Institute of Olive Tree, Subtropical Crops and Viticulture of ELGO - DIMITRA, as it is the only national conservator of the fig varieties which are registered in the national catalog, have research activities, among others, with the genetic material of the fig. More specifically, some of the research interests are:

  • Collection and preservation of fig material for biodiversity protection and utilization for genetic improvement.
  • Description (phenotypic) of different morphological characteristics, based on the protocol of the International Union for the Protection of new Varieties of plants (UPOV).
  • Study of rooting ability of different fig varieties by propagation with cuttings.
  • Production of fig propagating (asexual) material.

In collaboration with the Associate Researcher of Institute of Olive Tree, Subtropical Crops and Viticulture Dr. Mattheos Mathioudakis carries out research on the viruses found in the fig tree.

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