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This area of research focuses on the application of the methods of molecular biology, genetics, epigenetics and –omics tools aiming at

a) the molecular characterization of genetic resources and

b) the elucidation of molecular mechanisms underlying plant development and the response to abiotic and biotic stressors.

More specifically it involves:


  • The study of the genetic and epigenetic variation across plant populations and phytopathogenic fungi with molecular markers
  • Development of molecular markers for identification of plant cultivars (genotyping) and for utilization in breeding programme
  • Molecular traceability of plant propagation material and plant derived products


  • Identification and characterization of gene networks and biochemical pathways which regulate cellular processes associated with plant yield, quality and tolerance to adverse environmental conditions
  • Valorization of plant varieties through genomic approaches
  • Molecular mechanisms involved in rootstock-scion interactions
  • Tissue culture/epigenetic regulation


The researchers involved in Plant Biotechnology are  Dr Doulis Andreas, Dr Kapazoglou Aliki, Dr Merkouropoulos Georgios, Dr Tsaniklidis Georgios, Dr Tatzani-Tereza.

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