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Pappi Polyxeni Dr.

Researcher C', Heraklion
Crop diseases

Research Interests

The research of the Laboratory of Virology of Vegetable crops and Grapevine of IOSV mainly focus on:

  • identification and molecular characterization of virus diseases affecting cultivated, ornamental plants, trees and grapevines, with a special emphasis on new /emerging viruses,
  • development and improvement of molecular assays for diagnosis and characterization of plant viruses, phytoplasmas and viroids,
  • development of novel detection methods that could be reliably applied in routine testing of plant material and on certification schemes of grapevines,
  • study of plant viruses’ epidemiology in Greece, especially in the island of Crete,
  • study of plant viruses’ genetic variability and evolution,
  • study of plant host-virus-vector interactions, that lead to a better understanding of virus biology and development of effective virus disease management strategies.


Within all of the above research topics, the Laboratory of Virology of Vegetable crops and Grapevine cooperates with various Laboratories in Greece and abroad.

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