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The main fields of activity of the Viticulture laboratory of IOSV (Heraklion department), in collaboration with the laboratories of Virology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Genetic Improvement and Subtropical Trees, as well as with winemaking networks, cooperative organizations and grapevine nurseries include:

(a) vineyards survey and collection of plant material of interest with an emphasis on indigenous, endangered cultivars,

(b) genetic identification of cultivars and clones using SSR markers and ampelographic criteria, detection of viruses of agronomic significance according the National Regulation of Clonal Selection and maintenance of certified plant materialin nethouses,

(c) implementation of breeding programs (rooting of cuttings, grafting on American rootstocks) and evaluation of the behaviour of selected varieties under field conditions,

(d) elimination of grapevine viruses by the application of various protocols (somatic embryogenesis, thermotherapy, micro-shoot tip tissue culture) and

(e) implementation of innovative cultivation practices under the context of the sustainable management of the vineyard

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